Why Unreal Engine 4 is better than Unity for mainstream games production?

One of the main rivalries in the tech world is considered between Unreal Engine4 and Unity. These two are software which can make games or even animation. Both of this software are great and super functional but the time is supposed to pass, things do get old and apparently loose efficiency.

So here is why Unreal Engine is better than Unity for high fidelity visuals in heavy games.


  • User friendly interface

Level of designing in unreal is way easier and more comfortable than unity. Although unreal uses C++ as its main language, which is hard to learn but for counter it also upholds the Blueprint feature.


  • The Blueprint feature

The blueprint feature is considered as a blessing for all UE4 users, this feature offers the user more efficiency and ultimate freedom from the mess of coding.


  • Better quality of graphics

Now this is crystal clear, the engine produces better quality than Unity. Because of modern design and better performance, unreal produces high fidelity visuals instantly as compare to unity.


  • Better performance

It is considered as a fact that for high quality games which will be running on heavy consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, PC,UE4 is considered as the best option, whereas for mobile or pc games, Unity is considered a suitable platform.

There are various reasons as to why Unreal Engine 4 is better than Unity. Mostly software houses located in Pakistan uses Unity instead of Unreal Engine 4, maybe because of lack of awareness or less demand. Whatever that can be done on Unity can be done a lot better on Unreal Engine 4 and obviously the better the quality the more amount of satisfaction will be there.

LAMBDA GAMEWORKS  is one of those software houses which uses Unreal Engine 4 for each and every project. Apparently, we have got positive reviews about our product quality and time management. We as a company offer fine quality and remarkable service with efficient time management. Not only this, we only use pioneer software like UE4,3ds max, QUIXEL and many more because no matter what happens, WE NEVER COMPROMISE ON QUALITY.

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